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The MARE (Microelectronics Array for Radiology Experiments) project aims to the realization of a complete electro-mechanical system for radiology experiments on macroscopic objects. Its fundamental characteristic consists in exploiting the entire spectrum of the transmitted X-rays. In other words, the detected photons are counted and classified according to their energy. The MARE apparatus consists of:

  • A PC-controlled custom scan system (displacement precision around 50 µm);
  • GaAs and/or Si pixel detector (200 µm pitch), based on a linear geometry;
  • Charge preamplifiers (ENC around 200 e-);
  • A Pulse Height Analyzer.

In order to match the pixel detector geometry, both the preamplifiers and the Pulse Analyzer are based on VLSI technology.

The Cagliari MicroElectronics group has developed the following integrated circuits:

  • ChromatIC

The project has been funded by "INFN Commissione V" and is carried on by a collaboration between INFN Cagliari and INFN Catania.

Further details about the MARE project can be found on the following publications:

  • S. Cadeddu et al. - "A Digital Radiology System with Energy Selection on GaAs pixel detectors" Physica Medica - Vol. XIV, Supplement 2, September 1998
  • S. Cadeddu et al. - "The design of a system for colored digital radiology VLSI circuits and GaAs pixel detectors." NIM A 419 (1998) 270-275
  • S. Cadeddu et al. - "A VLSI chip set for digital radiology with energy selection" NIM A 422 (1999) 357-362


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