Electronic Lab - I.N.F.N. Cagliari


Year 1999
Designers S. Cadeddu,
A. Lai
Technology CMOS AMS 0.6 µm
Size 2.5 mm2
(1 x 2.5)
Related Projects KPIX

CP16 is a full custom design realizated just for test purposes in developing a preamplifier to read out the analog information from pixels' matrix detectors. Sixteen channels are integrated using 4 different cells (i.e. 4 groups of 4 cells) to verify the behaviour of each one. The preamplifiers are designed to operate with Silicon pixels (50 x 100 µm2). The current signals to amplify are very small, about a few hundreds of pA, for this reason, it is crucial to design a cell with a very high gain and a very small noise level.
The main caratteristics are summarized in the table below, where the fields are:

  • Isat: Cell saturation current.
  • Gain (db):
  • Nmax: Max value of Equivalent Input Noise.
  • Pdiss: Power consumed


Cell Isat (nA) Gain (db) Nmax (1) Pdiss (mW)
1 58 159 12.7 0.09
2 45 159 29.9 0.09
3 16 147 2.6 0.09
4 270 152 0.2 8.90

(1): pA/(Hz)1/2 .


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