Electronic Lab - I.N.F.N. Cagliari


The electronic laboratory is involved in the ALICE project mainly on the development of an ASIC digital circuit, dedicated on the control of the front end electronics in the Muon Arm readout system.
The chip, named MARC (Muon Arm Readout Chip) has been designed in CMOS 0.6 µm technology and produced by the AMS foundry through Europractice.

A second activity which involves the electronics laboratory is the design of the cathode planes for the Muon Arm tracking chamber (station 3,4,5). They are double sided printed circuit boards 600x400 mm2 wide and 400 micron thick which host the acquisition pads and the front end electronics. A total of 1300 samples with 14 different drawings are foreseen. The production will start at the end of year 2002. The design are performed with ALLEGRO software of CADENCE package. Within this project a device to perform automatically an electric test on each cathode plane has been designed and produced.

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