Giulia's Outreach Activity

Here is a collection of my activity related to public talks for students, interviews and other activities. It is a fast-growing page so stay tuned ;)
September 2019,
Exhibition on Universe and European Researchers' night in Cagliari

November 2018,
Interview at Science Festival in Cagliari

November 2018,
Debate on Science Festival in Cagliari

September 2018,
Interview on local TV channel "Sardegna Uno"

September 2017,
Poster for EU corner at "Notte dei ricercatori" event in Cagliari
Poster [pdf]
Article from UNICA news
Link [web page]

September 2014,
Talk in occasion of the "Notte dei Ricercatori 2014", Istituto Salesiano Don Bosco - Via Sant'Ignazio da Laconi - Cagliari, IT.
Women in charge of the LHC to find the Higgs (but not only...) [pdf]

June 2012,
Interview with the Warwick High School students, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland;

November 2010-April 2011,
Exhibition on Women at LHC (in Italian) [Mostra sulle donne all'LHC];
[web site]
[on the web]

April 2011,
Talk for the students of the University of Cagliari, University Open Day (in Italian);
    La nuova frontiera a LHC [pdf]

June 2010,
LHCb Students' Meeting, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland;
    LHCb Muon Detector [pdf]
Giulia Manca